Ummmm So. A Bit Non-Post-y Here Today. Wanna Be My Therapist?


Huz got back from China on Friday. I spent the day running like the proverbial chicken Saturday. Threw my back out Sunday. Guests coming today. Little Dude also started school today and WOULD NOT let me take pictures. Not. It's a new school. Seminal. New moment. My little baby's becoming a man and all that. No. Pictures.

So I snuck one. Hee hee!

And immediately afterward the principal fired off a Civil War cannon to mark the beginning of the year, and I was facing away and it scared the living shortcake out of me. Seriously. Bladder-moment. Nearly jumped into the trees. (Yes. We do have them, trees. When conscientious people plant them. Came in handy today as a Janiel-hook.)

Lesson? Don't take a picture of your kid when he is making that throat-cutting motion at you to get you to stop taking his picture. The Universe will get you.

And by the way, really? A civil war cannon? I mean it's cool, but WARN us first. At least those of us who are paying no attention whatsoever.

So, I'm going to go sit on ice. (For my back. Not the tree-hook-jumpy-Janiel-thing.) Because we're friends like that, ice and me. Also, I'm going to make a lasagna and stick it in the fridge so I can bake it for the guests later. And I'm going to add sausage. And fresh basil. And fresh mozzarella and parmesan. And I am not going to cook the noodles first, so there.

No it works.

No, it really does.

I learned it from a woman in Indiana named Gretta. She is an a.may.zeeng. cook. You don't have to cook your noodles first and you don't have to buy those lame-pasta "No-Cook Noodles" either. Just make sure they're covered with sauce, and then cover the whole shebayng with foil to bake. (Un-foil it for like 10 minutes at the end so you can caramelize the cheese.) (I can call it "caramelize the cheese" if I want to. It's my blog. And my back hurts. But I still like you.)

And there's your useful Tip Of The Day! You're so very welcome! No YOU are! No YOUUUUU are!!!

Have a great one, my children.

(I'm old. I just had my 30-year reunion. I can call you my children if I want to. It just means, as I said, I like you. Plus I'm old.)

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  1. oooh….the back again! You poor thing! Tell the youngest one I said hello. And your husband. And the other kiddos, too. And enjoy your lasagna because it sounds really, really good.

    • Thank you! It was a good lasagna. And you know the lovely Gretta to whom I refer. All the fam has been said hello to in your behalf. 🙂

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