What to Write. Whaaat tooo Wriiite. Hmmm.

I love what my lips are doing in this picture. They look like slugs. Also, you're welcome for that mess there behind me. I don't like to seem superior.

Hello, my charming reader-people! It's ten minutes before midnight and I was going to try to go to bed before tomorrow. But I haven't written my blog post yet. And I always (almost) get my blog posts written the day before. Pretty much mostly. So, I've got sort of an emergency here. The pressure is on. And when that happens I can't decide what to write. 

–I could write about the fact that I have a middle kid I hardly ever reference on here and what the heck is up with that? I like this child. Maybe it's that this middle kid takes after her father and is less of a giant spazz than her siblings and I are, so there's less material to wrangle. Plus kid-3's got a soft heart and I have been being careful. But maybe too careful. I mean this is the child who used to eat sliced grapes in a blue bowl while wearing swim goggles that smashed down on her ears and made them stick straight out of her hair. On a regular basis.

–I could post about the soup cookbook I am writing. As an eBook. Which would work really well with iPads. And the soups are fabu and I've been making them for 28 years and you should totally buy it because I have a kid in college, one coming up the pike, and a few more on the trail. 

–Or I could write about how much I love the movie John Carter and Disney needs to wise up and market the living shortcake out of it–even thought it is about to go to dvd–and then make the sequels. JOHN CARTER GEEKS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

–I could even take a moment to discuss what happens to a woman's singing voice–particularly a soprano–as she nears the half century mark and how it's freaking me out because my voice is a big fat part of my identity only I didn't fully realize it until it started hinting that it was going to do the aging-soprano-warble (like, I could drive a truck through my vibrato right now) and I started having night sweats over it. Although that could be menopause.

But I don't have time.


Oh well. I guess it will all have to wait until my next post.

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