Technology Overload. And Overload Overload.

Dudes. My brain hurts. I need therapy. Will you therapize me?

I was hacked this week. Someone used my email to get into Amazon and buy MP3's of songs from someone named Chi Tai Vo Tinh. Who I've never heard of but who must be fer-reeking brill if people are hacking other people to buy her/his/its songs.  I've spent inordinate amounts of time trying to rectify everything, including 3 phone calls to Amazon, the result of which was that their Fraud Team reset my name and password back to the original HACKED versions. AFTER I told them that I'd already reset them. No touchie!

My email still isn't working right even though I've been at it for two days. Something about my cloud. Which I hope has a silver lining.

Because in addition to this I lost my follower widget from Google Friends Connect because this is a WordPress blog not a Google Blogger blog, and they want me to use Google Plus instead. They say they told me I would need to change it up. But you'd only know that if you stopped by GFC every day and happened to see the announcement. And, like, I didn't. So, my lovelies, I hope you'll come back and follow me on Networked Blogs. Or that I'll figure out a way to import you into Google+. Or maybe I'll just hide all my friend widgets so no one knows and life will be stress-free.

I think none of this would bother me except that I've been operating on quite literally no sleep for the past two months because we've been round-robin sick for that long around here. And my back has been out the whole time as well. Over and over again. (Have I reached my wanny-pants quota yet? Because I've got more.) Not to mention everyone in my household is apparently going through menopause. Except me. Mine is pre-menopause. No offense to my people, but our stress level has been out the wah-proverbial-zoo lately. I love ya, peeps. But we need a vacation.

And on what will seem like an entirely different note but really isn't, can I just say that delivering the placenta once you've had a baby is totally useless? You should deliver a manual specific to that child instead. THAT would be helpful. I could use a child-specific manual about now. Because I have NO idea what I am doing with some of these creative souls I've got in my house. They're amazing and cool and marvelous and utterly, wholly mind-boggling. I mean, I thought I was right-brained . . . 

And since I'm whining, you know what I need? Aside from a good movie and chocolate popcorn with my girlfriends, plus a trip to the Cumbrian Lake District in England with a week-long stop off in Edinburgh? Not to mention a long visit to a spa with head-to-toe massages every day? Plus a literary agent? And a finished manuscript? YOU KNOW WHAT I NEED? A big, giant, enormous plate-full of pasta shell lasagna. Mmmm. The best. Comfort food. Ever. Except for chocolate, which is better.

Here's the recipe (Yep. Here.)

(And in case you need something else to read while eating, here's part one of a short story I'm writing on Challenging the Gnome (Righ'cheer)

Maybe I'll just settle for resting my head in that little dent on my husband's shoulder that is perfectly built for snuggling, when he gets home from work today.


Whine over. Wine is over too, since I don't drink it. Thank you eversomuch for listening. You are a kind and patient soul. Plus, a lot better-looking than most. 

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