Food & Fun Friday! Cookies! Stories! Music!

Right folks! I've got to make this fast because I have a little dude running rampantly up my walls when he should be in bed placidly reading a highly educational book, thereby making him a much calmer child. Who doesn't run up walls.

You see my problem. It's a catch-22. Like O Henry and "The Gift of the Magi." I think. Maybe not. Basically I can't get him to sit down and read so he'll calm down so he won't run up the walls, which he won't do if I can get him to calm down.

Perhaps Costco muffins before bedtime are a bad idea. Also, me parenting by yelling orders from my downstairs office while I try to write my blog post is a bad idea. In terms of effectiveness. And admirability. Also, having a baby (surprise!) when you are 37 and already have 3 so you're too tired to leave your office ten years later when the baby is no longer a baby and is running up your walls when he should be in bed reading a book is a bad idea. Except ultimately we like the kid, so never mind.

You see that? What I did there? I brought the commentary full circle, creating a sort of literary catch-22, thereby mirroring the actual experience I am having with my kid right now. Yeah. I'm that good.

So anyway, Over on my recipe blog (Cooking Bits) I've got an incredibly delicious and aromatic recipe for Banana Coconut Chocolate Chip cookies. Well, the recipe isn't delicious and aromatic; the cookies are. Anyway, you should go try them (here's the link, right HERE). Then while you are noshing them in a state of bliss because you can't believe they are so stinking good, you should click on this link HERE, and pop over to Challenging the Gnome, where you can read my post. Which happens to be our Challenge of the Month post. Which also happens to be a Valentine's story. Original. Made up by me. And it's a bit warped. Apologies. Eat two cookies.

Then, once you are good and relaxed, scroll on down and check out this uber cool clip of a band called Walk Off the Earth. Five musicians playing one guitar. So cool. I love me my Canadians. Sounds great too. I especially like how serious the dude on the right is about his job. Make sure you watch him. And then eat another cookie.

Okay. Love you. Bye!

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  1. You’ve become one of my favorite writers, Janiel 🙂 I enjoyed your Valentine’s story–even though it’s warped 😉 Thanks for taking the sappy out of Valentine’s day!

  2. Thank you, Cassidy! What a nice thing to say. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. 🙂 And I’m wishing you a thoroughly non-sappy Valentine’s day!

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