“Breaking Dawn” Movie PruView VLOG

So. Um. Hi. My name is Caytelynne. And my good friend Janiel has asked me to guest Vlog on her Blog because I know things and stuff. And so, I'm oober exsited to be here. Because I idmire Janiel's Blog and want one too. So, I'm trying to come through in the side door, like people say and stuff. And so, but, I often review movies based on their previews because I have this sense that I can predict the movie being good or not without seeing it. And Janiel wanted to know if she should bother try to go see "Breaking Dawn" and so since she's such a good friend and stuff I desided to save her the time and money of seeing it to deside if she should of seen it, and give her my little movie preview so she knows if she should see it.

And so without furthera doo, Here's Caytelynne's Movie Preview of "Breaking Dawn." Which isn't out yet. Except my preview is:

Oh, and PS, the background in my VLOG post isn't very good. I had to film it in my basement where I'm trying to become rich by designing and selling jewelry and you can see all my jewelry stuff behind me, because I need money and stuff. But when I become a famous Movie Preview Vlogger, I'll buy a better background:

Kay. Bye!

Hugs and kisses. Except use hand sanitizer on your lips afterward so we don't spread germs.

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