Despair No More, Dear Doughnuts!

Right. And today we had . . . . Doughnut Success!!
Yep. And I’m sort of stomach-achey now. But they were gooood.

You’ve just gotta watch your oil temp. And add enough flour. And dredge them in the perfect balance of cinnamon and sugar.

And not have eaten in a good 4 hours first.

Thanks for the doughnut tutorial, Judy! Perhaps I shall post the recipe.
After I draw up a contract which releases me from oil-spill and stomach-ache responsibilities for any of my readers who try it . . . 


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  1. Oh…I just saw this! SO glad you had success with this! I had so much fun having you here! Let's do it again and again, lovie!! PS. I just bought a real donut cutter!! We shall see how it works and if it makes a difference!

  2. Let's do! What a lovely morning. 🙂 I bought a doughnut cutter and it did take care of the damp middle. (By cutting it out.) I ended up with tiny little hockey pucks in the form of doughnut holes, though. I think my cutter was too small. Doughnuts were still nummy.

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