Publishing Has Changed My Life!


Friends! — because we are still friends, even though I am now a rich and famous person — This year I published a book. What did you do? *wink*

Okay, it was actually last year. And it wasn't until the very last second of last year because I got überly busy and fell behind, but it totally counts for this year. Getting published was one of my goals for 2014 2015, and I totally did it. And now I am so …  I don't know … how does one say this and retain that certain charming humility which very much marks them to all who know them — FREAKING AWESOME! Woohoo! I mean, honeys. I can barely keep up with the phone call from my brother that person who wants to make my book into a movie! Like, I literally am so flooded with a call that I can't even answer it, you know? I may not even be able to get started on the screenplay for this project until after breakfast, I have so much going on. But what does one do? If one is in demand, one is in demand.

I'm pretty sure that I will need to cancel all of my future engagements (including those of my marriageable children) in order to deal with the outpouring of media attention that I am soon to be getting. The best part about it? I don't have to do any promotional work to receive the level of attention that is raining down on me now. No really! And it's a blessing. I am working so hard writing Amazon reviews for myself my sequels, I hardly have time to do my own marketing. It's all just happening naturally. The way it does when you don't have time to do any. Seriously, I am going to have to take a break from all of this at some point and get out there and live a little. Heh heh. Sigh.

Well, I know you have things to do. It's just been some time since I've written on here (owing, as you know, to all those trip to the post office to pick up the box and box of book I have to keep in stock for my adoring public), and I thought I'd pop in to say hi. See what you've been up to. Check the ol' social life of the "little people" in case you're, you know, bored. Want to go do something. With someone. Who . . . needs a break from, you know, THE CRAZINESS OF PUBLISHING, RIGHT? Haha. Yep.



Got any plans for lunch?



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    • Rob! Thank you, dear! I need to send you one, since your input was so valuable and appreciated! I am working first on selling box and box. After that, hopefully, I'll sell boxes and boxes. 🙂 

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