Government Shutdown: The Pattern for a Happy Life

Do you know who just impresses the living shortcake out of me? The United States Government. I mean look at them! They decided to work together to solve a problem, and by golly they did it! Most mastodonic organizations that become divided like ours take years, years I tell you, to come together and work out their differences. Or at least months. Someone has to take the initiative. Reach out. Make the tough choices. And both sides must be willing to lay everything on the table and sacrifice to make things work. It's called compromise and cooperation, and our amazing government did both of those things in spades this very week. How? They announced that they will shut themselves right down. So fast that the heads of every park and associated business employee in this country are still spinning.

That, my friends, is how it's done. That is slick like oil on a teenager's forehead when they're hiding in their room eating pizza and playing Slender and their mom is banging on the door asking if they've done their homework yet. Not that there are any similarities. 

Our government's heroic action this month should be a model for future differences. Bloated budget? Shut Down unnecessary spending. Small groups getting attention to the detriment of the whole? Shut Down focus on special interests. The American peoples' will being ignored? Shut Down personal agendas and power plays and get back to By the People, Of the People, for the People.

I tell you, I'm going to follow the example of our illustrious industrious officials. When I reach an impasse with another person, instead of wasting time reaching a compromise, I'm'a slap that baby with a heels-dug-into-the-dirt head-spinning lockout that will make them think twice about disagreeing with me! And they can't come back in until they see it my way. In the meantime, we'll golf together. Or watch another showing of Austenland. Or compose weepy speeches to read to our confused families so they'll be happy about our agreeing to disagree to agree to shutdown and throw a tantrum. er. Work it out. ish. 

Yeah. This is what our founding fathers and mothers had in mind when they fought and died for independence. This was their purpose when they spent months sequestered in the sweltering heat of Philadelphia's Independence Hall, figuring out how to fix the problems in our country's governance to that point. Listening. Working together. Not giving up until compromises were reached and problems were solved. Maybe as a reward for honoring that legacy in such a stellar fashion, we should give our leaders copies of Catherine Drinker Bowen's excellent Miracle at Philadelphia. They deserve it.

And so do we.

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