Resolve to Resolve. It’s THE Resolution

Well this is new. Today I'm posting from my phone because my Internet is down. Has been since yesterday. And what does this tell you about me? That aside from having extraordinarily dexterous thumbs, I am in dire need of some New Year's resolutions — because I so should have written this on Saturday.

Ooh! Also I just noticed that I can't make any mistakes, because WordPress isn't allowing me to go back and edit them on my phone. It just looks at me like "What. You had your chance."

Which, thank heavens, is not the way New Year's Resolutions work. I can change up those suckers as often as I want. Especially as a woman. A woman's prerogative, and all that. And its such a great deal. Because I can write down an a-MAY-zeeng array of goals that I never have to keep. And then I can leave the paper lying around the house to impress guests as they happen upon it. Or let it slip from my purse at the doctors office, then giggle self-consciously as I pick it up and flutter about how I'll never get all those GOALS accomplished, but oh,  I SO need to work on them because, sigh, I need to be a better person. And, well, they're simple goals, really. Like . . . 

I should  get in shape again after my last child for whom I gave up my career as a thousand-dollar-a-day corporate presenter. And I really need to refresh my German because of my kid who is going to live there for a year and a half and I want her to have someone to practice with, which makes me think I ought to go finish my Master's, you know, after I finish my Bachelor's which I gave up — did I mention — to raise my kids. But I'll probably change to pre-med so I can do research and cure myself and others like me of my strange and rare medical condition. But I have to get in really good health first in case the Mayo Clinic wants to use me in a study. So very soon I'll be starting my timed trials for the Boston Marathon, but not until I finish the Hawaiian Iron Man competition. I mean, one has to give oneself a chance to recover from one ultra race before starting another, right? It's just life. *giggle*

Yeah. Ditch YOUR new year's resolutions, peeps. Mine are so much easier to keep. I know. I keep them on a nice little piece of stationary in my purse. 

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