Refresh, Renew, Refocus

My dears, I've been thinking.

Have you ever felt like your feet were in the clouds and your head was scraping the pavement? And maybe if you were stretched any further you were going to go all thin like taffy on a pulling machine, and eventually simply stretch apart? Not that it's critically bad; it's not. But the things you are trying to do are suffering because of the pulling, and you feel like something's got to give? Something that isn't you?

Yeah. That.

I'm kind of like that right now. Hashimoto's is kicking my trash. Or rather, trying to figure out how much thyroid med I should be taking is. Because, should my hands and knees and teeth and bones be shaking like this? And should I feel like my nervous system is going to leap out of my body and run for the hills? Should my hair be following it? You know, coming out and just running after my nervous system? Is it normal to sort of have to talk myself out of bed in the mornings? Especially when it's never been like this before. Before I started in on the thyroid medication?

The answer is: NO. This is not normal. And it's not normal for me. So I've got a call in to my doctor, and we're going to work it out. Make adjustments, that sort of thing. In the meantime I need to do a little chilling-out. I need to not write on 3 blogs while trying to write a novel while trying to raise my kids while trying to run a household while trying to be Mrs. Happy Wife instead of Mrs. Oh-Yeah?-Don't-Even-Mess-With-Me-Today wife.

PLUS, I've tweaked the living beezees out of my elbow. Tore the fascia that covers the Ulnar nerve in my arm, and now it's all wrapped for 6 weeks in hopes that I can avoid surgery. And did you know that being unable to fully move your elbow is not something your body enjoys for extended periods of time? I did not know that. I did not know that all my other arm muscles were going to start screaming because I am now using them in ways I never did when my bicep was involved. And I can't really type for very long right now. And I'm worried Doc is going to take the wrap off and my arm will be permanently L-shaped. But we'll see. We'll hope for the best.

Anyway. I need to cut something back. I want to write my book. I don't have time to right now with my brain flying so many different directions. So I'm going to try backing off on Life in Bits. For, you know, a bit. I may still write here once in a while, I haven't figured it out. But in the meantime you can catch me on Fridays over on Challenging the Gnome (, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays on the AF CItizen – an online town newspaper. (In fact, I've got something up there today. A Halloween piece from a while back. Click HERE to read it.)

Thanks for understanding, my friends. Hopefully all of this will mean I have a novel coming out in the near future. And maybe some other things. If you want to know when I post something on Bits, you can follow my RSS Feed, "Like" my Facebook page, or follow me on Networked Blogs (in my right sidebar.)

Thanks guys! I heart you all!

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  1. You’re smart to take a break. I’ve been re-evaluating, too. Wondering what I can trim off so that I don’t go crazy doing the important stuff. I’m sending lots of creative energy your way. And healing prayers, too. Love you!

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