Must Dash. There are Sweet Young Things Getting Married.

Hello fellow people:

Today is a bit crazypants. As was yesterday. Ergo all of my profound observations and bits of wisdom are sitting in my glove compartment waiting for me to carry them off and spread them around to the little people I'll be hanging with in a few minutes. People who are specifically my daughter's good friend and that friend's fiancé. They're getting married, and I've got thoughts. Plus advice. Culled from years of getting it right and getting it wrong and being awesome and being queen of the dorks. This new couple is going to need all the advice they can get, bless them. And I'm here to share. 

I mean, marriage is great, but it's a THING. A thing worth fighting and living for, a thing worth building and creating, a thing like no other thing, but a thing nonetheless. So I've gotta save all my grand and glorious wisdom for the cutie-patooties I'm going to watch change their lives forever. For the better. One hopes.

Biggest piece of advice I want to throw out there? Ignore all those people who say "Don't go to bed angry." Are you kidding? Night time is the worst time to try to sort out a disagreement. You're both wasted. And you'll only get wasteder. What a non-ideal time to try to work things out. Nope, I say sleep on it. Then come back together and chat over poptarts and cocoa. Also, make a list of why you like this person and what nice things they do for you each day and try to feel grateful for it all, before you do the talking.

Do that and you'll be happy, little peeps.

Right. I must run. Before I do go, though, let me just say that it seriously only takes a second and a half to go from this:

(That's me on the right with the awesome side pony tale. Yeah. It was the '70's. What are you gonna do?) 

To this:

(No, we're not that foreshortened. It's a picture of a picture and therefore a bit Alice-in-Wonderlandish. But we are bobble-heads, sooo . . . )

To this:

(My huz, my firstborn, my brother, and my massively preggo belly–son #1 on board. I think I gave birth a minute-and-a-half after this photo was taken.)

To this:

(No comments please about the horrifying mom-pants of horrifyingness. And the mile long zipper. And the hips you could serve drinks from. This is why I don't do no mom-pants no more.)

And on to the births of two more little people and 26 years of marriage. Haven't decided if I want to throw a current picture of my kidlets out there yet. I'm not famous. Or even well-known. But still . . . 

Point is, it happens fast. Live deep, live good, live happy, live helping others, live well.

I'm exhausted from all that wisdom. See you on the flip side! I have no idea what that means! But have a great day!

Also, I've changed my comments so you have to put in your name and email, because I'm getting overwhelmed by spam and I'm tiiiiiired of it. Can you live with it? Is it okay? Later!

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  1. It really does go by too fast, doesn’t it? And I’m still in the throes of the toddler/kid years. I try to remind myself to step back and enjoy this stage before it’s gone completely. 🙂

    • Seriously. Toddler/kidhood feels like it will last forever. And then wuhBAM! They start leaving. *weep* Enjoy every second. I sound like the old woman I plan never to be. But I mean it. Enjoy.

  2. I totally agree with you on the going to bed angry thing. Shutting up and going to bed angry has saved me from saying something else stupid more times than I can count.

  3. I like your “DO go to bed angry” advice. A lot of heartache could be avoided by waiting for the flames of indignation to wane. Time can also help you wonder if maybe they were right! I have no experience in this forum, but in work relationships, waiting to respond is often the right answer.

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