Where is the Love? (And a Link for Downton Abbey Addicts)

Dear Dudettes and Dudes,

Today I am at a loss. I am wondering where the love in this world has gone to?

First we are subject to avalanches of negativity from the press: criticizing political candidates; criticizing celebrities; focusing on every mistake, gaffe and misstep made by people who, at their hearts, are not so different from you and me. It's wearying. And yes, I could turn off my social media outlets, stop my newspaper, and never turn on the television (which we pretty much do anyway). But all of this negativity has put something into the air. Stress. Pain. Contention. You can see it on Facebook news streams and all across the Tweet-o-sphere. People are feeling riled up, worried, angry, hopeless. 

The thing is, I don't believe what we see reflects reality. Everything is not completely bad. There's lots of good. A lot of people doing good things. Being kind. Offering love. Giving. Serving. Helping–like my awesome nephew who just signed on as an Ensign in the U.S. Navy so he can use his hard-won education to serve this country as a nuclear engineer. It's out there. There are good families, good parents, awesome grandparents. And even–wait for it, I know it's hard to believe–honest people in office and at the heads of universities and corporations. It's just that we don't hear about them.

So this morning there was a terrible shooting in a Colorado movie theater. And I decided enough was enough. We have to start embracing each other, embracing the good, and teaching that to our children. So I am going to start here.

From now on this blog is going to be a Positive Zone. I'm not going to slip into criticism of any kind–of self or others. And if I have to point out dorkiness I'll try to do it with love. Usually it's my own dorkiness anyway, so that should make it easier. I try to make this a happy spot anyway, but when I notice others going out of their way to be good, I'll put a link up here. Make mention of it. And do my best to fill the world with silly joy. No edginess. No snark. Just silly joy.

So along those lines, I'd like to direct you to my post over at Challenging the Gnome about a new malady called DowntAddiction (DowntAddiction: the involuntary and out of control watching of Downton Abbey, constituting also an endless stream of daydreams and Edwardian-esque altering of personal wardrobe.) And I'd like to know if DowntAddiction is exclusively a women's malady, or if we have some closet male addicts as well.

Click this link to read: "Downton Abbey–Sorry Guys. It's a Girl Thing. Maybe."

In the meantime, take a walk on the bright side today. See if you can find the good in your life. And send up a prayer or positive thoughts for the people in Colorado. All of them.

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