Adventures in Flying

While I have been lying here convalescing, and slowly



My boy has been learning to fly. First, there was Discovery:

And then there was Confidence:

Idn't he amazing? I'll never tell how he did it. Except to say that it involved copious amounts of duct-tape.

That, bless their fuzzy hearts, is how my kidlets entertain mom when she's stuck to the bed and starting to feel something like this:

Ah, what am I saying? Life is good! Look what funky people I live with. And what cool people I get to hang with in the blog-o-sphere. (Hint: YOU.)

I tell ya what. You send positive energy that my back quits leaving me in the dust, and I'll send positive energy that you have the happiest and best days of your life ahead of you.

Have a great one, peeps. Cheers!

'Kay, love ya! Bye!

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    • I had to lie down. The first time he did it his pants fell off. I nearly died trying not to herniate myself laughing.

      I may post the tiny clip of his first effort (after he opted for a belt rather than duct tape.)

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