The Stars of New York – Beauty in the Dust

Look at this bit o' loveliness trapped inside an empty lot just off Times Square. It was down the block from our hotel, and we found it while looking for a little Thai place where I later ate purple glass noodles. They kind of matched these Moravian stars. If you used your imagination.

New York was mahvelous. A wonderful place to spend a few days. A city of contrasts and wonders. Sights, sounds, and smells that are from another planet. Weird little beauties hidden in dirty corners. Majesty across from commerce. St. Patricks just up from Rockefeller plaza. Ninety-degree jello air cooled to heavenly crispness inside the FAO Schwartz candy emporium.

Yeah. It's pretty much perfect, the Big Apple.

The people are fascinating. There are endless things to do. The place has a vibe that is right out of the movies. But better. Kinder. More helpful. Dirtier. Prettier. More exciting.

I loved it.

I want to go back.

I would like to see a play on Broadway. A concert at Lincoln center. Shakespeare in the Park in Central. And I want to eat one of those thousand dollar gold-leafed ice cream sundaes that I saw on TV. Wearing my new $700 gladiator sandals beneath my $1,250 sheath.

(Except not the clothes, because I can only afford Bergdorf Goodman in my dreams. Actually, I can't even afford the dreams. So it's in other peoples' dreams that I can buy the clothes.)

Have you been to New York City? I'd love to hear your favorite things about it. In truth I haven't said nearly enough. But I do right here on Challenging the Gnome. Go ahead. Click the link. You won't regret it. I'll show you some of what I saw people wearing and doing. Go ahead. Read. It's right here.

Then feel free to come back and tell me your favorite memory of the big city.

Me? I'm going to find some air conditioning and reminisce about my trip. I'll see you back here in a sec.

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    • Thank you! I truly did.
      Ooh, what loveliness did I bring back? Gifts for the kids from the New York Public Library. What an amazing place. I could live in the map room.

      I also brought back a determination–after visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art–to litter my house with art books. I grew up with them. I knew the greats and the masters. How could I not introduce them to my poppets? My little peeps need to lay around on Saturday afternoons with their eyes bugging out over Seurrat and da Vinci and Monet and Klimt and Van Gogh and Wyeth and Pollack. I used to do that. I want them to do it too. If they want.

      Thanks for asking, Rob!

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