SPAM. It’s What’s For Breakfast. And Blogs.

I got this in my blog's spam blocker today:

"I really fondness the matter to you shared. Thank you pro rearrangement."

Wow. I was really touched by this comment. Moved, even. Hang on. I just need a moment. *sniff*  Don't go anywhere.

Okay, I'm back. And you know, I've almost decided to turn off my spam-blocker altogether. I mean, it is apparent by this reader's comment that I have impacted them. Changed their life. LOOK at that statement! They really fondness the matter I shared! And I have to say, I fondness them right back for the matterly comment of matterness they left for me to read.

My spam folder is BRIMMING with comments just like this. Why am I deleting them? Clearly I have a following I never knew I had! I mean, take this for example, from snowboardsensitivewriter:

"Thank you for making the effort to explain the terminlogy for the learners!"

No, thank YOU, snowboardsens. I shall endeavor to continue to explain terminlogy. For I feel that it is truly the terminlogy that makes a blog.

As for dunkhighheels, thanks so much for your concern. I shall indeed be sure to follow your advice:

"we adivce go to this website to see more about Chicago Cubs jerseys and others"

I have been wondering where to go to see more about Chicago Cubs jerseys and, you know, others. Now I  know.

I've gotta tell you, I had no idea my blog was impacting people like this. It's like I have groupies, or something. And incredibly persistent groupies at that. I mean, my spam folder is FULL, like every day.

I'm going to set them free. I need to just turn off my spam filter and let these people express themselves. I advice you to learn from the terminlogy I am explaining. I hope you fondness it, pro rearrangement. For it is by freeing the spam that we shall avert world hunger–mental and physical–and bring likingness to informations of people.

Plus, I'm trying to build a writing platform so agents will want to sign me. If I fill this thing up with erudite comments like those above, it's in the BAG, baby.

Ow!Ow! Thank you, Spammers!

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  1. Some days, spam is all the hilarity I get. That and talking to the credit card person in Malaysia who is trying to explain to me…..well….I’m not really sure what she was saying… I should probably have paid better attention to the terminlogy. or something.

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