Confuzzled, Fo’Shizzle. What To Dizzle?

So. I've been blogging for a little over a year now. On two blogs. If you put those together it's really been two and a half years. Of course, I've done sporadic writing on about three other blogs, so if you add that in, it's probably like four years. I've been blogging for four years now, and I have not, as yet, taken the internet by storm.

That looks pretty bad. I'll go back to "I've been blogging for a little over a year now." 

But see, I sort of thought that by now I'd have been an overnight success. I certainly don't mean to disregard all of you who do read my blog. You are kind. And pretty. And smell nice. But, you know, I just thought that after a year there'd be that whole, "she'll tell someone, and then he'll tell someone, and then they'll tell someone, and so on, and so on until the whole world is reading it" effect. But honestly, it really hasn't happened.

I couldn't say why I haven't won the Nobel Peace Prize for blogging yet. Maybe my material just isn't au courant enough. Maybe it's not funny enough. Maybe I don't do enough bribing drawings. Or it may be even that the internet and blogging are winding down.

Well, one thing is certain, if I want to lift the world's mood, make a few people laugh, I'm probably going to have to do something different. You know, shake things up a bit.

So. I have a question for you. A poll, if you will (and if I don't get any responses at all to this post I'm probably going to quit writing and take up pottery):

–Would you rather continue to read my written word . . . 

Just check one of the following:

I would rather follow Janiel's:

¤ Written Word on a blog

¤ Video'ed Word on a vlog

¤ Trail 

Thanks! We'll tally the results and get back to you asap.

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I have managed to keep the same husband for nearly three decades, and the same four children for almost that long - although one or two of them say it has been much longer. I have been writing since I learned to hold a pencil, and trying to make people laugh even longer. I hope to do some good in the world before I go the way of it. And if not, I'd better at least get to visit Ireland.


  1. You are so goofy! My life would be rather dismal-ish, if I didn’t have your humor in written form or any form for that matter. Please, don’t ever stop, even if I’m your only follower!! I beg of you. Your entire life you’ve made me laugh until I couldn’t breath anymore and cheered me up, the world needs a Janiel in their life. Don’t give up chickie!!

  2. I’ll take you anyway you come!! I’ve been blogging for a little over a year now myself and am just about to upload my very first Vlog. Holy crap, I’m scared. Would be interested to know how that rates as opposed to a written blog. But, yes – whatever you do, however you do it…don’t stopizzle.

  3. *weep* Thank you. You have swayed me. And you’re all very sweet and kind and like I said, smell nice. I think I’m going to do a bit more vlogging, though. Romina! Go you! I’m so looking forward to seeing your Vlog. How are you doing it? Right on Martyrhood, or do you have a separate Vlog site? I know nothing about it. I’ll just be throwing stuff up there. I do think it may be the next wave, though. Maybe. What do I know?

    I’m not taking up pottery though. I get dizzy easily. Sculpting perhaps.

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