Crazypants Man LIVES!

He arrived alive, my people! My husband ran 100 miles across the Rockies, acquired 27,000 feet of altitude increase, ran straight through the night, only stopped at aid stations to eat, change socks, change shoes, change batteries, or to kiss me, AND HE LIVED! (It was the kiss.)

The Man had an adventure, life altering, and by all accounts, marvelous. Don't know if he'll do it again, but my bet is yes. I have, however, forbidden the boy even thinking about running anything located in Death Valley, Antarctica, the Himalayas, or the North Pole. He can take up knitting instead. Something non-death-inducing.

Anyway, I could sit and tell you all about it, but why? There are pictures, and video clippage, and music. So I'll just show you that. And then you can decide if he's crazy, if I'm crazy, or if you want to be crazy and sign up for the Wasatch 100 – one of the top 3 hardest hundred mile endurance runs in the U.S.


There. Fabulous, yeah? 

Well, I'm off to hit the treadmill. 


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