Wait. Summer? I’m Not Done With You Yet!

Two minutes ago I was writing about how I couldn't believe it was already summer. And now? School starts in two and a half weeks.


Not that the start of school will suddenly morph us into Fall–we'll still have a few weeks to go for that–but I already need a reminder of how lovely summer can be. And I figured maybe you do too.

So, without further ado, and for your eyeball pleasure, I present to you a few dogday images. We'll call it:

How To Have A Great Summer

Embrace your inner gardener. These cutie patootie pansies volunteered. So did all the weeds around them. If you just focus on the pansies you won't notice the weeds. That's my gardening philosophy.

Sing and dance for almost 3 miles in parades with totally awesome peeps: My kid (who was stinkin' brilliant as Taylor McKessie in "High School Musical"), and Carlos–the incredible dancer of incredibleness and all around great guy. Make sure you go all-out screeching the notes and doing the moves from "We're All in This Together" so you start dreaming it at night. Also make sure you don't go to bed until 3:00 a.m. and then get up at 6 so you can be all poochy-faced for the parade. Not that we did that.

Have your fortyblahblah-th birthday in the middle of the show. Check out the dude-ness of my husband: he sent balloons, 2 dozen roses, and a See's Chocolates certificate to me during the cast meeting. *sigh* I like him. Also check out the amazing HSM cheerleaders. Great girls, these. And Hi-Larious.

Give a totally unnecessary birthday speech. Note the mic tape on the face. It's not a scar from face-planting during the parades. Not. Also notice the cool owl-ring of Darbus-ness on my finger. That blingy-thing stole every scene I was in.

Face your dual nature in the girl's bathroom at your local high school. The EEeevil Darbus of EEeevil. Funky composition, don't you think? With the 3/4 face view that doesn't look like it has the same expression on it as the reflection.

Get to know really amazing people from different lands. Ms. Tam: You are amazing. Came here just a year ago and now speak perfect English (AND Mandarin, AND Cantonese, AND a few European languages as well). You brought the house down with your HSM audition-scene bit. And thanks for all these pictures. I miss you, sweetie! I miss all of these GREAT children! *weep* That's Connor who played Ryan Evans in the background there, along with Ron Saltmarsh as Coach Bolton. FAB. U. LOUS. Both of them.

Take in some breathtaking flora, fauna, and shopping in Seattle. At a wonderful country village with amazing grounds. And some beautiful boys (relations of mine) who bought me the most blingy and beautiful necklace! I'll wear it when I sing in their concert in December. *hearts!*

Get close to nature. Wish I had a better camera. These things were stunning in their scarlet-ness. Even though they look disturbingly like vertebrae.

Get REALLY close. Love the water droplets. Just think, if you were lost in the wilderness and came across these, you could tip them into your mouth, drink, and be saved.

Again with the nature-thing. I want this for my front yard. I mean, seriously. Gasp.

And finally, find a concert or some outdoor theater, or a musical review, or symphony in the park, then lay back and soak up the loveliness of the air, the smells and the sounds. Also, bring food. Then you've got the perfect summer.

I'd like to do all the things next summer that I did this. Except more. How 'bout you? Great memories from this summer? Recommendations? Stories? Spill it. I'd love to hear.


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