Really? I’m For Equal Opportunity, But, REALLY?

So, I just overheard this between my two sons:

"Hey, come over here and watch this music video."

"Okay. Is it a good song?"

"It's a classic. Watch. It's after this commercial . . . "

 . . . "When I take a dive off the board, I don't want to worry about anything. That's why my tampon is . . . "






Yay us. We have progressed so far as a society that women can vote, join the front-lines of the military, participate on football teams, run major corporations, AND HAVE PERSONAL HYGIENE PRODUCTS ADVERTISED RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SUPERBOWL, IF NECESSARY.

Thanks for that.

If you want REAL equality, there will be just as many commercials for jock-itch cream out there. And how often do you see that?

I suppose it would bother me less if there wasn't that implication in there. You know. The one that made one of my daughters think–when she was really little–that if she just went out and bought certain feminine hygiene products she'd be able to ride horses, play tennis, dance with a hunk-a-hunk-a burnin' love all through the night, and in the most recent iteration, become an olympic diver. All thanks to tampons.

I tell you, with commercials like these out there, men will be LINING UP to have sex-change operations. You just wait.

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