The End Is Near . . .

Summer looms.

In a great long swath before me.

No, I did not say "Summer Loons." Although, by the end of it, I believe that is what I shall be. A Summer Loon. For my children will be out of school this week, and then it will be nigh unto 3 months before our school district gets them back for their daily government-mandated 6.5 hours, with lunch, recess, and/or other psychologically necessary breaks.

I fear.

For I have not had the children around me that many hours a day since clear back last September. Well, the end of August really, since they keep pushing the beginning of school further into summer.  In any case, Loons Loom before me, and I fear.

What will I do with them all day? How will I get the things done that I only get done because I have a completely and utterly silent house for 6.5 hours each day? I mean, good heavens! I don't even know these people! They're gone for most of every day. It will be like letting strangers into my house. What are their favorite foods? Activities? Eye Color? I'm even getting my college-kid back, who was gone, like, 24/7 for the entire last two semesters. HOW SHALL WE SURVIVE THIS CALAMITY OF TOGETHERNESS?

I have friends who home school their kids. Lots of them. Even though it means a tremendous amount of time not spent without each other.They swear by it. If I did that I would just swear. As would my children. Don't get me wrong, we love each other dearly. I have the coolest people living in my home with me. I mean, the coolest. But we are all intense. Opinionated. Dramatic. Purpose-driven. We need breaks from one another so we can build up the fortitude it takes to hang out together. Home schooling ain't an option in the Miller-hostel.


Frozen yogurt. Lots of it.

Specifically coconut, with strawberries and those little Japanese mochi-thingies on top.

And snow cones. Pink-lemon-sour with cream.

Perpetual Brain-Freeze, people. That is how its done.

And, okay, the occasional conversation. And visits to parks, museums, cousins, grandparents, and zoos. And yardwork. And the Canning of the Applesauce. And stuff.

But mostly–frozen yogurt.

Now you know.

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