Ms. Darbus Is Leaking Through My Skin

I'm getting a bit worried about how much I am enjoying playing Ms. Darbus in "High School Musical." The Darbus you see in the movie? She ain't got nothin' on the crazy-pants whackadoodle-doo that is the stage version. This chick is riding the quick train to the Disney Retirement Community for Cracked-Out Drama Teachers.

And I love her.

I love saying: "Yes, my brave little detention menagerie," and "Your pathetic little male ego is all bent out of shape," and "bi-labial frickatives." Yep. "Bi-labial Frickatives." Say that ten times, fast. It's like bubble wrap. You won't be able to stop. 

Why is this woman growing on me? She's a looney-tune! I shouldn't be enjoying having her inhabit my body this much. 

I think it's because she frees up my inner weirdo. It's been dying to get out for years. And it has been, in bits and pieces. But in the show? It's all right out there, splatted in glorious ridiculosity all over the stage. I may be absurd and over the top. I may be too much for audiences to take. But DUDES! I feel so FREE! 

Ms. Darbus should be bottled and sold. Everyone should have a bit of her in their purse or front pocket for weirdo-explosion-emergencies. We'd all be happier, I think.

Set it free, people! BE the Darbus!

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  1. Well, I never saw her value until now. Actually, I had never watched HSM before. I like her even more in the play. It’s a fluffy show, but light and fun and a sweet, if simple, message. We need that kind of thing once in a while, I think.

  2. J, Daaarling, you were maaaarvelous as Ms. Darbus. I overheard the people sitting next to us say, “She is fabulous” and you can always trust a stranger’s compliment. I loved your banter with the basketball coach, and the detention drama exercises, especially the earthworm. What a hoot and holler. We had a maaaarvelous time. Well done.

  3. Thank you, Maleah dahling! I’m so glad you came. The girls and I appreciated it. And thanks for your kind words. I had a great cast to work with, which makes everything better.

    And yeah, Ben as the earthworm was hysterical. It was hard not to laugh each night.

    Thanks, chica!

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