Awesome Husband of the Year Award Goes To . . .

This dude!

See him there, saving me from imminent destruction? Yeah. That's him. Always got my back. And both sides as well. You're probably wondering why he gets the award.

Because. For our 25th wedding anniversary this year he surprised me with a trip to Ireland (I KNOW, RIGHT?)- land of my dreams and 1/4 of my forefathers. Land that I haven't been able to stop  talking about since the moment we first met. Land of Good-grief-can-this-woman-ever-shut-up-about-Ireland-guess-I'll-have-to-take-her-there.

Yep. It's true. We have no money, but the dude took me to Ireland for eleven days–a land toward which I have felt inexorably and inexplicably drawn since birth. Amazing what you can do with a few Frequent Flier miles and a lot of ingenuity. He is a clever man, and kind.

I should pause here and also mention some lovely friends and family members (Mark, Lynn, Aleene, Maurice, Ron, Bonnie, Lorrain, Kelvin, and everybody who sent me tips and advice on how to see Ireland without going to debtor's prison, and everyone who sent good vibes and well-wishes–I hope I didn't forget anyone. If I did please chalk it up to jet-lag-induced brain freeze), without whose generosity this trip also would not have happened. Thank you. Bless you. May a thousand angels kiss your cheeks and rain love and chocolate down upon you.

Ireland was amazing. The country is stunning, the history powerful and literally everywhere, and the people are a delight. And hilarious. I mean, when you ask someone if they've lived there all their life and they answer "Not yet," you KNOW these are your people, right?

But after all of this the most telling reason my Hub should win the award is this: Bruce does not love quaintness. He does not live for charm. Adorable does not exist in his mind set. And yet he spent eleven days letting me drag him everywhere I wanted to go in a country whose every blessed centimeter could be described as Adorably Quaint and Unbearably Charming.

What a guy.

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