Weekly Goals, Dr. Janiel-Style


Goals for the week:

1. Go to bed early (Eeep! It's 11:00 pm. I'll start tomorrow)

2. Wake up early (Before the kids leave for school. Throw toast at them as they run to the bus stop)

3. Exercise (I shall exercise restraint in not buying that one skirt I saw at Anthro when I was returning that one Anthro skirt that didn't quite fit, but would fit if I did just a bit more exercise, which means I should have kept it because I am totally going to exercise. Dang. Now I'm feeling the stress of Cute Skirt Absence.)

4. Reduce stress. (Go to Anthro.)

5. Live within our budget (Dang2. Drive by Anthro and sigh heavily. Go get a gelato at Harmon's. I'm going to exercise so it's not like there are actually any calories. And if there are, I will not fit into that first Anthro skirt, which is good. Voilá. Temptation gone.)

6. Cut back on extras (Already taken care of. I returned the skirt, right? And I didn't buy the second one) (Add toppings to gelato) (Also add a pair of shoes to match the mango coconut flavor. Don't think about the skirt. Lalalalalalalala! Don't think about how the shoes I bought to match my gelato would also match that skirt. Ican'thearyouIcan'thearyou)

7. Read something educational (Not Cosmo. Certainly not the Anthro catalogue. Not the Sundance catalogue. The Road. I'll read that. That will take my mind off of shopping.)

8. Go buy anti-depressants to help positive attitude (OMIGOSH! Who told me to read The Road! I'm totally depressed now. I mean, I have Post-The-Road-Stress-Disorder now! That book is like Deliverance on steroids!)

9. Actually I never read The Road. I just heard about it. BUT I STILL HAVE POST-THE-ROAD-STRESS-DISORDER JUST FROM HEARING ABOUT IT!

10.  Find natural ways to see the positive in life (I am positive that Anthro skirt will cheer me up.) (Yep! It did! See? I was right!)

Man, I am awesome. Those goals are totally doable. I should have my own advice column, you know? Or call-in radio show. Or blog.

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  1. My favorite of the goals was to throw toast at your kids as they head for the bus stop. I think I will have to adopt that one.

  2. Can I please steal your list and treat it as my own??
    I am also in need of everything you have stated.
    Especially no.4.
    Bit tres stressed at the momento.
    Nothing that a glass of wine wouldn’t fix…but I’m pregnant so am cut off at the supply.
    Also I must live withing our budget…or at the very least increase my credit card limit.

  3. Absolutely, Romina. Steal away. And may I suggest replacing your wine with whine? It was always my best comfort when preggo . . . . Hope the stress of the momento ends soono for you.

    Thanks! 🙂

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