Music All Day, Every Day. Could Not Live Without It.

What is music to you? Do you listen to it? Regularly? I do. On an iPod or iPhone. Cd player. In the car. Historically if people wanted to hear music they would go to the theater, or hear street musicians. If they were lucky or had money they might have a piano-forté in their home. Or a string instrument. But generally they had to go somewhere else to hear it. And on purpose.  Now? We can hear it whenever we want.

At this moment I’ve got my iPod hooked up to our big old stereo speakers. It’s been playing Christmas music–gorgeous, fun, spirit-lifting stuff–for three days straight. And on an off since Thanksgiving. 

How lucky am I? Music whenever I want it. And people, my soul WANTS it. All the time. So I am grateful to live now, when it is everywhere.

Here is the wonderful Chloë Agnew of Celtic Women singing Walking in the Air. It is a gorgeous song from a little children’s animation called The Snowman. Chloë’s voice is always ethereal–but listen to that orchestral accompaniment. Transporting. 

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  1. I can't imagine not being to hear music whenever I want to. And it could just be your browser that cuts the video off. It may not look that way to everyone.

  2. And I remember the first time I ever saw The Snowman. It was the first time I went to England and it was playing in one of those motion theatre things at the airport, so you actually felt like you were flying with the snowman. Plus, David Bowie narrates it and that never hurts. We went and saw it right before we had to leave.

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