Going to Seattle Tomorrow To Sing.

I am going to Seattle to sing. I love doing that. I get to study with the astonishing Mark Andersen, whose talent knows no bounds. And I get to work with my brother Lynn Andersen, who is also boundless in many, many things. They always show me a great time. And I learn ever more about singing. And good food. And good movies. And lovely people.

Like this Seattle-ite next to whom I am standing:

Isn’t he lovely? They don’t all look like this there. Only some of them. As I recall it was about 900 degrees on that day. My shirt was a giant sweat-spot. It was white when I put it on. And that is not a super tight triangle-shaped skirt I am wearing. It’s white capri’s. Looks like my thighs are fused together.
They’re not.
This trip I anticipate rain and very little sweat. Plus lots of fun and laughter and music. And no fused thighs.
Do take care. I shall be back here tomorrow regardless. Because, like Barney, I love you.

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