Quick note on Sara B. Larson’s Contest

Hey all you writing aficionados! And those just learning to write. And those just thinking about writing. And those who have written and want to know stuff about it like how to get an agent:

Sara B. Larson, friend, writer, and all around totally cool person, is hosting a contest on her blog. Hurry and enter as it ends this friday. Here are the details. But just in case you have a hamster-on-a-wheel for a computer and can’t use links, here’s the lowdown:

All you have to do is enter a comment on her blog post from Friday, October 29th. That’s it! You’re entered. You get extra points for being a follower, bringing someone in, tweeting about it, etc.  If you win, you can choose from three prizes: A book and chocolate, A giftcard and chocolate, or a 10 page manuscript critique. Excellent!

Sara is a wonderful girl. Sweet, kind, young, beautiful, and talented. You’d hate her if you didn’t like her so much. Well, only if you’re shallow. But since you’re not, you’ll appreciate her kindness and the fun, informative nature of her blog.

If you don’t do the contest, at least go look at her blog (www.sarablarson.blogspot.com). You won’t be sorry.

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  1. Thank you Janiel, you're so sweet! I really appreciate your kind words. And I'm glad to know you like me instead of hating me. That would make me ubersad. Which is way more than normal sad, just in case you were wondering.

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