Sing The Song With All Your Heart

One of my dearest, darlingest friends said this to me the other day when I was riddled with the wondering if anything I was doing was making any difference:

“The doing is ALL we can do. Where the result lies is in the hands of a far greater force. If we are satisfied with the doing, the results stand a better chance of being positive. Plant the seed and water it. The rest is not up to you. Sing the song with all your heart as if you will never get to sing again. The hearing is not for your ears.” Mark Andersen

Now do you see why the dude is my Sensei?

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I have managed to keep the same husband for nearly three decades, and the same four children for almost that long - although one or two of them say it has been much longer. I have been writing since I learned to hold a pencil, and trying to make people laugh even longer. I hope to do some good in the world before I go the way of it. And if not, I'd better at least get to visit Ireland.

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