Best-Selling Author Before You Release the Book?

How did Johnathan Franzen write a book so utterly brilliant that The Times reviewed it twice in one week, and President Obama currently has it on his Martha’s Vineyard bedside table – before it has even released?  Franzen’s book “Freedom” is coming out on August 31, and is generating frenzy the way Alka-Seltzer generates foam. I want to know how he did this.

Okay, there is the whole: Write Brilliantly, Excitingly, Scintillatingly, and Without Too Many Adverbs-thing. Blah, blah. And then you’ve got your: Write a Book Nine Years Earlier Called “The Corrections”Which Sells Three Million Copies World-Wide and Is Beloved By Oprah-thing. But besides that?

I’m writing a book, and I need to take a Franzen-pill. Because I’ve got a kid in college, and three more coming up the pike. Plus marching band fees were out the wazoo this year.

 Anyone got Oprah’s number?

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